We have a simple four week training plan for kids to follow to obtain their goal of completing the 1 mile fun run.  We meet once a week and discuss proper warm-up, running form, cool-down stretching and nutrition.  The students also fill out a nutrition form each week to help them think about the nutrition choices they make.  Below is an attachment of the Nutrition form.  

We speak to the students about proper running form, pacing, and safety.  

We start with our warmups.  It is important to get muscles ready for excercise.  We do this with various warmups.  This does not include stretching.  The true benefits of stretching muscles are best saved for after vigorous activity.  The ladders are active warmups that challenge different muscles.  These are done in a relay format.  After our relays we head outside to run for 15 to 25 minutes depending on time.  After our run we head inside to stretch our muscles.

Running Club Warm ups

Side lunges

front lunges

Leg swings side to side 10 each leg

One leg up twist body do both legs 2 times

arm swings

High knees in place

butt kicks in place

jumping jacks

seal jacks

Plyo jumps both feet together squat down and jump up

Planks front only

Push ups

alphabet toes


Ski or bunny hop

in and out


Side shuffle

Staight leg kick outs 

crab walks

bear crawl

power skip

Baton relays

Depending on time 1 or 2

Hopefully done on the feild

Run new course 15 to 25 minutes

Cool downs Stretches

Goblet stretch

calf stretch

quad stretch

sitting straight leg stretch

Groin stretch

bend hamstring stretch touch toes

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